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Step 6: Masking Technique 3: WaxUsing a kistka tool (from

Step 6: Masking Technique 3: WaxUsing a kistka tool (from
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canada goose (The how to for that is not included in this instructable, so just use your favorite yolk removal method or check with Google.)Step 4: Masking Technique 1: Thin Masking TapeUse the thin masking tape to create a pattern on the surface of your egg.Follow my example in the photos above OR come up with your own!Be sure the tape is pressed firmly onto the surface of the egg by running your fingertips over all the edges and tape ends.NOTE: This technique is best used for a maximum of two etching baths (= two shade tones) as the tape will begin to shrivel a bit and lift up if it’s submerged too many times.Step 5: Masking Technique 2: Rubber BandsThis one is the easiest and most straight forward technique. Wrap rubber bands around the egg in any way/pattern you’d like! You can try doing multiple baths/dips, but just remember that as you layer the rubber bands, the will be further away from the surface giving you softer cheap canada goose, less defined lines http://www.canadagoose7.com/, which would be even less so in a lighter shade.Step 6: Masking Technique 3: WaxUsing a kistka tool (from Ukrainian egg making), you can draw fairly controlled lines in wax, making the pattern options endless!! And because there’s no chance of the wax moving on you or falling off like the rubber bands and tape, you can do many short vinegar baths to create lots of shades/tones. (Remember brown eggs are best for this!)I didn’t get too fancy with shading on this egg, I just went for two shades/baths, but the lines were so thin that it almost wasn’t worth it. canada goose

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