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When does “faking it” serve us prada , and when does it hinder us? This week ELLE.com is exploringa wide variety of topics, including why we accumulate fake friendships, why we’re so quick to judge a woman who surgicallyenhances her features, and why faking is essential to our careers, closets, and finding closure. – Continue Reading BelowWhen it comes to enviablebody parts mihalis.de , the Kardashian clan has the market covered. Kim is known for her ample derrire, Kendall Jenner’s legs own the catwalk, and Kylie has those lips. Kim’sPapermagazine-worthy bootyand Kendall’sgazelle gams are largely genetic, butas for Kylie’s pillowy pout? Rumors abound thatlip injectionshelpout, but whether or not that’s true,there’s no denying that the wayshe puts on her lipstickmakes them seemeven more full. With that in mind,wereached out to celebrity makeup artistCarolina Dali to see if she could enlighten us with some of the tricks that Kylie’s probably using, because who doesn’t want a fuller lip (without any scary injections)?Here, Dali lays out four easy steps to get full,gorgeous, natural-lookinglips that won’t rev up the rumor mill.Katie FriedmanSTEP ONE:Choose alip linerclose to the shade of your ownlips. You should usethis kind ofcolor no matter what lipstick you are wearing(yes, even with red or dark berry) if you are going for a fuller lip. (If you use adarkerlinerit will linger and make it obviousthat you are filling in colorabove your natural lip line.) Start by carefully lining your lips going very slightly on the outside of your natural lip line. Be sure to accentuate your Cupid’s bow (the curves in your lip directly below your nose).Dali usedLa Prairie lip liner in Nude.STEP TWO:Take the liner and draw a line on the top lip from right outside the Cupid’s bow slanted in to the bottom center of the lip. Then do the same on the other side. On the bottom lip, draw one line down the center and two lines from the top center out and down in a diagonal slant. This will create more light on your lips and make them look morethree-dimensional. STEP THREE:Now pick your lipstick. Dali chose a color a few shades darker than the natural lip, but this can work with any shade of lipstick you choose. Fill in the lips using an angled lip brush toblendthe lipstick into the line. Using a brush will give the lips better definition than if you were just applying straight out of the tube, by creating a new illusion of where the lip line actually begins and ends. Dali used Chanel #36 La Caline Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick and aChanel angled lip brush #33.STEP FOUR:Choose a lip gloss that is lighter than the lipstick to create a three-dimensional effect. (Dali used a sheer pink, but you can use a clear gloss as well. Apply four dots: two in the center of the upper lip and two in the center of the bottom lip. Then blend together, but keep the gloss just in the middle of the lips, not going out to the sides. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding on the edges and will attract light to the center of the lips to give them a fuller look.Dali used Tom Ford Ultra Shine inRose Crush.And voil: gorgeous, full, kissable lipsand no one will ever know you’re faking it.

How to Get Fuller Lips – Makeup Tips to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

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