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Only one way to put it Queensland is missing out

Only one way to put it Queensland is missing out
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You’ve lived through it, after all. The radio kept going for a couple more days, reporting the worst of it bombs, riots, rapes, murders. As the days ticked on, though, more and more people began to fall to the effect. And I LOVE Sekiro, but Jesus fucking Christ twitter and Reddit have been a hellscape the last 2 weeks. Every twat who acts like the Earth is going to fucking crumble if someone even whispers about assist options or whatever are probably the same people who circlejerked about how they beat Midir pre patch. Like, no one is trying to take your fucking toys away.

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13 points submitted 1 day agoA lot of people really don understand the concept of safe spaces. It not a place for someone to go cower or anything. It a place meant for open discussion in which judgement is suppose to be left at the door. Federal Budget was fundamentally unfair for Queenslanders, she said after Mr Frydenberg unveiled his Budget. Only one way to put it Queensland is missing out. The government has promised $4 billion for new infrastructure in the Sunshine State, canada goose black friday 2019 only $1 billion will be spent over the canada goose junior uk next four years.

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