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Non participants discussing rules and glorifying amateurism

Non participants discussing rules and glorifying amateurism
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Also in 2012, Mawdsley received a Police Medal from the Bureau for being part of a team of five officers who safely took a suicidal man into custody in 2011, after the man ran toward the officers with knives in his hands. Mawdsley fired bean bag rounds at the man, before another officer used a Taser on him. The man was placed on a mental health hold, for possible long term mental health treatment..

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If there is anything good to come from this senselessness, it will be to provoke greater political alertness and participation of African Americans; solidarity within communities of colour towards a unified goal of collective empowerment socially, politically, and economically. Community organisers across the country are planning, organising, and acting. Peaceful protests were carried out throughout the United States and abroad in the wake of the verdict.

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