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Maybe the US would respect Ecuadorean law if Assange were there

Maybe the US would respect Ecuadorean law if Assange were there
Bu haber 28 Ocak 2014 - 2:09 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

In short, the FBI broke New Zealand law. Maybe the US would respect Ecuadorean law if Assange were there, maybe they wouldn’t. The USA does more good things than people give them credit for, and I personally am pretty pro US, but the evidence is the US flouts international laws and norms when it suits them..

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Afterwards, I was surprised that I had mixed emotions regarding the event. Part of me was angered that such a large breeding snook, which are less and less common in the river, was almost killed and was probably doomed. But also, part of me felt nostalgic for the good old days of fishing here.

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Can understand how he could post this with the amount of time he probably had to think it through. Did nobody even point high quality replica handbags out to him that it was probably not a good idea?I 25 and have seen some sick desensitizing shit on the internet over the years but even this vid nearly brought me to tears. Couldn even watch more than 2 seconds of it without clicking off, can imagine the amount of distress this probably caused all the young kids subscribed to him who saw this ;/To me it the blatant hypocrisy he displays.

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