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Maybe I missed it, but I lurk a few times a week and nothing

Maybe I missed it, but I lurk a few times a week and nothing
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GlitterDays comments on Random Fashion Thoughts

But for me, I come here for the looks that are different than “traditionally feminine” b/c “traditionally feminine” is still very much canada goose outlet uk everywhere. It is, to me, easy. If I want to look trad femme, most stores cater to that. If I want to look trad Canada Goose Online femme, I canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet nyc have a canada goose store lifetime worth of media in my mind canada goose black friday sale telling me what that looks canada goose coats on sale like and how to accomplish it.

In order to pull off a canada goose outlet new york city cohesive non trad femme look, canada goose outlet reviews canada goose black friday sale we have to explicitly seek out resources. So we go online and slowly circle gravitate toward those we find providing the resources we looking for. In the depths of this you end up in the reddit colloquial “circlejerk.” But, while trad femme isn the dominant look canada goose outlet toronto factory in this sub, canada goose outlet parka I canada goose jacket outlet don quite feel it an “aversion.” (I would call it an aversion if I saw active discussion dissuading such looks. Maybe I missed it, but I lurk a few times a week and nothing is sticking out in recent memory. If I was hair splitting, I call it apathy/indifference). When I first buy canada goose jacket joined the sub I was looking for how to flatter my body canada goose clearance sale type, where to buy those items, and how to reconcile what uk canada goose outlet in style with what looks good on canada goose outlet online me. MFA tends to be more along the lines of that, canada goose uk outlet so I canada goose outlet in usa thought FFA would be similar, rather than canada goose factory sale people trying to push the limits. (Though I do see a lot of people talking about how low rise, bootcut jeans are the devil and shouldn be sold in stores or make a comeback but that literally is the most flattering cut for my body type lol). My comment certainly reflects my own approach canada goose outlet to this sub I look for something different (mostly passively). Doesn mean canada goose outlet there aren canada goose outlet online uk people who come in with official canada goose outlet a stronger influencer type attitude who lots of users participating canada goose uk shop in WAYWT, inspo albums, and the like (and I feel like there a good variety within canadagooseoutletjackets.com those voices).

For clarification purposes, when I think “trad femme” I uk canada goose think: whatever I can canada goose uk black friday buy from JCP, Dress Barn, canada goose outlet store NYC, etc. The bland and inoffensive feminine, Canada Goose online made for canada goose factory outlet maximum accessibility. So, my original point canada goose outlet black friday relates to that, in that we don need any extra canadian goose jacket info about where canada goose outlet shop to buy / how to wear / Canada Goose Parka how does that look. By the time a fashionista is looking into forum boards, she looking for something different, maybe not by a lot, but the goose outlet canada information is being sought. I canada goose outlet jackets similarly minded in that I want how Canada Goose sale to flatter my body / where cheap canada goose uk to buy / etc. I still count that as “looking for something different” as in I knew buy canada goose jacket cheap something about my fashion could be better, I just didn have canada goose canada goose outlet uk sale the language/resources to improve it. This subreddit might be full canada goose outlet store uk of women playing with a higher fashions, but we know in the lifecycle of fashion that those concepts will work their way down cheap Canada Goose into mass market stores.

There canada goose clearance are canada goose coats always people who fight Canada Goose Jackets the pendulum swing (me, 2006: FUCKING SKINNY JEANS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME FUCK THAT FUCK THOSE FUCK EVERYONE BUYING INTO THIS BULLSHIT. me, 2012: ok skinny jeans I sorry you fine and fit into my wardrobe now). What eases the fight is seeing people post online the myriad ways they style canada goose outlet canada this NEW/OLD HORRIBLE THING and 1: getting used to seeing it, 2: canada goose outlet sale Canada Goose Coats On Sale finding the way that works for your body/style. (I feel you on the low rise boot cut. I keep trying to make high rise work for me, but it doesn low med rise are great for me).

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