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I’m trying to break that cycle with this junior class

I’m trying to break that cycle with this junior class
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government shutdowns in the past 42 years

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Chloe Replica Good morning everyone 🙂 I along with Jennifer Agne are co founder’s of MCHAT, Mohave County Humane Animal
Chole is in Survival Mode which means she has reverted back to her primal
It is important not to call her name, approach her or make eye contact with her if
We do not look for the dog, rather we look for signs of the dog by prints or an dustrubed area where she may of hunkered
A dog in Survival Mode has 4 needs… Food, water, safety and
When looking for prints they should be photographed with a pen, key, lighter etc next to them for size comparison then swiped clear with your foot or hand so they next time that area is checked if prints are again found you will know how old they
If anyone finds an area with heavy prints you should always immediately leave the area and notify the appropriate person so they can persue it further by starting a food station and getting a feild cam up to monitor the
There is an app, GPS tracker you can down load for free and share instantly your location of where tracks are
A map of the area needs to be set up and clearly marked with the date and time a specific area has been
We strongly advise not to bring any other dogs out as she has already shown signs of also fearing
If everyone is out looking for her as oppose to looking for signs of her what this is doing is making her feel hunted and she will stay on the move until she finds her safety
A dog in Survival Mode will most likely not be traveling a route we as humans see as the most logical or easiest
Their survival depends on not being seen by predators, humans
Concentrate on an area, once you clear it, move on to the next
A dog in Survival Mode will always keep a 360 degree escape route so looking in culverts etc will most likely show no
If you think of all the bunnies, foxes and coyotes how they burrow into the ground to escape the heat and cold… A dog in Survival Mode is no
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