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I know how long it takes for my company and our products

I know how long it takes for my company and our products
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Canada Goose Coats On Sale Epic generally responds to these things in a couple weeks, which makes sense when considering the development cycle and the real technical resources needed to fix bugs. I also find it really frustrating how it appears that people on this subreddit make buy canada goose jacket statements on bug fixes but don understand in any way how bug fixing or QA works and the amount of time it takes. I know how long it takes for my company and our products, which obviously aren games, but I imagine similar, and I can imagine how long it takes to identify some of these bugs and actually come up with a legitimate fix for it.. canada goose outlet london Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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cheap canada goose uk Jesus this reminds me so much of this fucking kid we had in my venture group, he knew fuck all but didn’t try to learn despite claiming he could do a bunch of stuff, like the time we were trying to build a sleep platform/rain cover we needed to boost someone up to it( it was 8′ off the ground) so we needed someone small to go up and get it started so that we could then get more people up there, well this guy says he can do it and we don’t even question if he knows how to lash because literally everyone else there did plus he was the smallest and lightest there. So two of us boost him up and he fucking kicks one of the guys in the head giving him a bloody nose but plays it off as an accident, we’re all pissed at him but he’s up there so we may as well get the job done before dragging him over to the advisors well we get a few logs up and then he just stares at the logs and rope and asks what he has to do. We think he’s joking, he’s not so we tell him to get his ass down and we’ll boost this other smaller guy up. cheap canada goose uk

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