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having a children school named after someone who contributed to

having a children school named after someone who contributed to
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cheap canada goose uk Fragments of the bomb, missing his right foot entirely, entered the leg at the ankle and continued upward to the knee. The bone of the leg was pulverized. Other fragments severely lacerated his right arm, and tore off the ring finger. In 1879, the federal government commissioned Davin to write a report, which recommended that Canada establish Indian residential schools.Residential schools saw tens of thousands of First Nations children taken from their families, resulting in a cultural genocide. Many children experienced physical and sexual abuse at the schools, and thousands of children died.For at least two years, the board has discussed the name of Davin School at committee level. In September, canadagoose-sale the board announced it would decide by the end of the school year whether to rename Davin School.Through an online public consultation process that opened in November, the board received 1,379 responses that were split roughly 50 50, between people wanting to keep the name or change it.The board made its decision on Tuesday, voting 4 1 to change the name.me it came down to the fundamental fact that Davin School is a school, said trustee Aleana Young.having a children school named after someone who contributed to the creation and perpetuation of the residential schools system is fundamentally wrong.Reaction to the name changeAs the school division survey results suggested would be the case, the community is split on the decision.But even among Indigenous people, not everyone agrees the name should have been changed.a sense I think that by changing the name, what you doing is trying to hide the history, our dark history, of how Indigenous people were treated, said Regina resident Brad Bellegarde.getting rid of the name to try to hide it and forget about it cheap canada goose uk.

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