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big man jerseys imq8gla6
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I guess my point is that the winter exercises are there for a reason. Combat in those kinds of conditions are 90% knowing how to be out and about in winter, or “fjellvett” as we would call it. Thats how a bunch of career troops get wiped by teenagers who know next to nothing about soldiering but have lived their entire lives in and around cold snowy mountains..

Shifting away from petroleum based energy sources has one crucial and often overlooked issue: an abrupt shift from petroleum fuels to another medium of propulsion will make every existing power plant, generator, car, truck, ship, and airplane obsolete. The cost of replacing all of this hardware with models designed to run based on another technology is too great for even the wealthiest nations to bear. Another benefit of exploiting biogas is that it keeps human produced methane, a far more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, from entering the atmosphere..

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Changes abounded as the 21st century dawned. The government announced in 2002 that there was no safe level of trans fat consumption. Denmark became the first and only country to legislate a limit on trans fats. They have already proven that they aren willing to fight. Take Pelosi “threat to demand”. A threat.

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