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And it brings to this area something that isn’t here

And it brings to this area something that isn’t here
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“It’s difficult and it’s fair. And it brings to this area something that isn’t here. All the courses around here are your more traditional pitch and putt kind of thing where everything is a par 3.

Do you mind if I ask how you decided when to retire? I went to a pre retirement meeting this week and I still don’t know how to make that decision. Most days I really like my job and it is part time, which is a big plus. Not sure when it will be time to make the break..

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Lesson No. 5: Treat and train everyone as a leader. At Ranger School, everyone was a leader. The Barmy Army bring a huge boost to the industry, spending up to 10 days in the city, amounting to 100,000 “room nights”for Sydney’s hotels. After the cricket, the fans gravitate to major attractions across NSW and the rest of the country. According to O’Sullivan, the Army tend to disperse from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley, providing a boost to local businesses in those areas..

Shortly into our trip, we came upon a large flat rock sticking up out of the river. Our guide told us to lean hard to the right when we hit it. Those of us on the left side of the raft heeded his advice, but the two Novocained acorns on the right side sat straight up like stoned gargoyles, with grins to match.

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