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, told police that someone hid in the store until it closed

, told police that someone hid in the store until it closed
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Cathy that his recent public comments about his stance would cause a backlash at a time when public opinion polls show a steadily growing acceptance of the idea of gay marriage among American voters. There have been calls to boycott the restaurant chain, and conversely organized attempts to support it with large scale eat ins on Wednesday.

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My 2 for 5 finish place me at 5 for 10. FAILURE. Growing younger families are driven farther and farther away from the jobs at the center of the city or are forced to pay higher and higher prices for housing because so much is being held off the market.The second unintended effect of Prop 13 was that government, particularly local governments and school districts, have been driven to find or create more and more exotic (and often unfair) ways to raise revenues user fees and new special purpose government agencies to evade the Jarvis Gann provisions that tax increases for existing municipalities and agencies must be approved on referendum by a two thirds vote.The final unintended consequence is that California is falling apart. There have been several mini Jarvises over Rip van Reeves’ 10 years away, spending caps and such that make it more and more difficult to fill potholes, much less to build and maintain freeways or maintain what used to be a jewel of F democratic governance, California’s free education system from kindergarten through such great schools as the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Los Angeles.Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann are gone now, but the evil they did lives on in the hearts of homeowners who resent paying for the education of children after their own are safely grown.

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