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Though the study was found to be based on fraudulent data and

Though the study was found to be based on fraudulent data and
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So you could insert a virus with USB one, then with USB 2 you would follow p with the shock. The shock would fry only one computer or a USB port. Virus could spread to damage the software. After looking at this problem for approximately 2 months we determined that the water meter was registering the water coming in to the property and as water pressure is fluctuated downstream from the meter. We determine that the water was slipping back through the meter unregistered and then as the pressure in the network or City Water lines re pressurized the the building it reregistered the water coming in even when nothing was being consumed. City water department so there’s no way that that could happen but once a springcheck valve was installed on the line that stop the high water consumption being registered on the meter even though nothing was leaking.

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