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This can lead to a tooth abscess and the risk of infection

This can lead to a tooth abscess and the risk of infection
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Oral health problems in babies and young childrenBaby bottle tooth decay Baby bottle tooth decay (also called nursing caries and nursing bottle syndrome) occurs when an infant’s teeth are in frequent contact with sweet liquids like fruit juices (even if they are diluted), milk, breast milk and milk formula, sugar water or any other sweet drink. The simple sugars in the liquids cling to the infant’s teeth, bacteria start feeding on the sugars and go on to make acids which cause tooth decay.Left untreated, decayed teeth can start to hurt and make it difficult for a baby to chew and eat.This can lead to a tooth abscess and the risk of infection spreading.Problems with baby teeth can also cause problems with positioning of adult teeth, making them crooked or crowded. This can give a feeling of emotional security and comfort Replica Hermes.However, thumb sucking after permanent teeth break through can cause problems with alignment and the bite of the teeth, and possible jaw problems.Early tooth lossEarly loss of milk teeth is often caused by tooth decay, injuries and falls, or a lack space in the mouth.

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