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Seem to spend most of our day bending

Seem to spend most of our day bending
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Barely a year earlier, Chris Weippeart had been living with his dad elsewhere while his mum, Liz, had another baby, but he came back to Liz’s place at Coffs Harbour, on the NSW north coast, when he was 17. Two days later, he collapsed with convulsions. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The taste is fine and so is the sauce; whatever there is of it not enough for two people for 8 ounces of pasta. My main gripe is that 6lbs of 3 oz meatballs should be 96 ounces as it says 6 lbs of meatballs, and that would mean 32 meatballs in all. I don’t have 10 meatballs in each my three packages.

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Lovely Kasalong
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Nikkii Nikki
Kettumi Chailarrat

Vote for your vote below: Xiaohong, Lin Yi, Ming Feng,

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Today’s Topics # BNK48 – 1 prize, 1 prize, 2 prizes, 5 prizes, 2 prizes.
? BNK48 (choose 1)
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