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On the other hand, if the lambda is increased to 6, the

On the other hand, if the lambda is increased to 6, the
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Based on the shallow depth of field, the enlightenment is a Poisson random variable with the Poisson parameter For example, scientists use it to calculate the probability that there will be n quakes in a year, the probability of a person in a town living through the age of 100,…

The formula of distribution Poisson is: The probability that n is an event = {[e ^ – (lambda)] * (lambda) ^ n} / n! The farm of enlightenment is the way to adjust the lambda, and the system will give the probability of reaching the enlightenment. For example, for a lambda parameter that has a one month probability of 3, the probability of having 2 times in a month is {[e ^ – (3)] * (3) ^ 2} / 2! = 22%, there are 6 times a month is 5%. On the other hand, if the lambda is increased to 6, the probability of 2 times a month is 4%, the probability of 6 times a month is up to 16%. Have you seen the difference? But how do you get the desired lambda number, instead of just rummaging through the farm? This would require a large amount of data warehousing in the assembly of Mathematics Society of the lower lands, and we would study the lambda to make the enumeration a science game. replica Purse

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