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Mr Shorten has gone the route with a promise to save cancer

Mr Shorten has gone the route with a promise to save cancer
Bu haber 25 Haziran 2015 - 3:07 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

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canada goose black friday sale In today report it canada goose outlet in usa has improved to 48 52.The buoyancy came from the positive interpretation that proposed tax cuts announced in the April 2 Budget but which the Government has declined to ask Parliament to turn into law were well received.Possibly more significant is the finding that Scott Morrison is growing on the national electorate.The satisfaction rating for the Prime Minister rose marginally to 45 per cent while the approval rating for Labor Leader Bill Shorten was at 37 per cent.A counter to that is the matter of stability. Labor has been through its leadership turmoil with the same leader for more than five years, during which cheap canada goose time the Coalition has had three prime ministers and two deputy prime ministers.Bill Shorten is hoping a big hearted policy will prevail over the Budget big bucks.Mr Shorten has gone the route with a promise to save cancer sufferers from going broke as they pay for prolonged treatment.He also has adopted the growing use of electric vehicles already underway without government overview as Labor policy.The EV policy once was Liberal policy but now is being depicted by the Government and media buddies as Labor bid to force petrol driven cars out of your garage to make way for expensive machines that will take ages to power up.It ranks for silliness with the tall story the Government borrowed from the fringes of US politics that Labor energy policy would somehow end the sausage sizzle.Meanwhile, voters should not be confused into making the obvious conclusion that all the advertisements saying how wonderful the Government is are Liberal Party ads.They are in effect, but they are being funded by the taxpayer. One reason for the election not yet being officially called is the Government wants to rush out more advertisements about itself paid for by others canada goose outlet miami canada goose black friday sale.

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