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Large and small amber beads combine in a healing necklace that

Large and small amber beads combine in a healing necklace that
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You know, it kind of funny that many people didn think a lot about amber jewelry, prior to getting swept up in the fervor of Jurassic Park and the search for dinosaur DNA. But amber has a long and storied past. Amber amulets, beads and carved amber pendants have been uncovered in stone age graves. Many consider amber a stone, but it actually fossilized resin from ancient trees. That why it has so many canada goose uk shop inclusions, which that can include fossilized bugs and plants. Cool, right? That, along canada goose uk black friday with its range of brilliant hues and interesting shapes, makes it the perfect focal point for amber jewelry.

Canada Goose online Eastern Europeans and Russians have been fascinated with amber for centuries, especially because of the legendary Amber Room, a gift to Peter the Great in 1716, that celebrated peace between Russia and Prussia. The golden, and jewel encrusted room, said to contain buy canada goose jacket cheap six tons of amber, was pilfered by the Nazis, who dismantled the exquisite amber panels and spirited them away. Sadly, more than seven decades later, they never reappeared. A replica canada goose uk outlet of the famous Amber canada goose coats on sale Room was finished in 2003, and is at open to the public at the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Preserve outside of St. Petersburg. If you curious, you can find photos of the original Amber Room, along Canada Goose Coats On Sale with the new one, and a bit more history here. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket Many cultures from around the world have been fascinated with amber, associating its color with the power of the sun. In China, it was thought that when a tiger died, their soul turned to amber as it left the earth. Vikings carved it into animal shapes, which they carried as amulets for strength and courage. In ancient times, women often wore amber frogs and rabbits to enhance their fertility, along with other Egyptian and hammered copper jewelry. The gem theorists of today consider amber a perfect choice for creating earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that imbue power, positive energy and ethereal alignment to their wearers. We could all use a bit of that good juju, couldn we? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store Amber jewelry for women can be an affordable addiction. That good news for those of us who are fascinated by this gem, because no piece of amber looks the same as another. You might be surprised to discover that amber also comes in an amazing array of colors, from the familiar honey amber, to olive, cognac and even uk canada goose cherry red, which is totally delicious. For the most part, amber is often set in sterling silver, another reason why it so reasonably priced. Baltic amber, mined near the Baltic Sea is particularly popular for its purported healing properties. Whether you want to wear it for health, or simply to enjoy its beauty, amber makes an interesting and fun addition to your jewelry collection. Check out our picks for the Top 20 Best Amber Jewelry Pieces for Women. canada goose store

This beautiful leaf shaped pendant in Baltic Canada Goose sale amber, absolutely canadian goose jacket glows with a rich cognac color, wrapped by a shimmering and shiny sterling silver twig shaped bale. At 1.25 inches, the stone pendant necklace makes a big impact with uk canada goose outlet the eye catching inclusions in the amber itself. This pendant comes with an 18 inch sterling silver box chain, and it beautifully boxed, to make the perfect present for any woman on your gift list. The Baltic Amber Clover Pendant Necklace features a sterling silver clover framing amber leaves in three colors; olive, honey and cognac. That pretty pendant also has earrings to match. Sticking with the leaf motif, the Multi Color Amber Leaf Pendant Necklace features two delicate vines with three different colors of tiny amber leaves.

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canada goose deals Created by canada goose clearance nature, this glorious chunk of Baltic amber is a 50 million year old witness to the history of our planet. It deep honey color brings warmth to your skin whenever you wear it, cheap Canada Goose and because of it naturally neutral tone, it literally can be worn with any color. Filled with inclusions that are unique to each piece, this beautiful amber teardrop is surrounded by a heavy rhodium plated sterling silver bezel, which nestles the stone top and bottom. The plating makes this amber necklace exceptionally reflective and pretty. The 18 inch anchor chain adds weight and shine to the ensemble. Another contemporary design is the Spherical Amber Cube Pendant, in which the stone is suspended Canada Goose Online a sterling silver cage. The matching stud drop earrings are especially sparkly, and the the amber cubes, because they loose, create a lot of movement. For a mixed metal look, sterling silver is complemented by rose gold and yellow gold plated accents in a different honey amber pendant necklace. canada goose deals

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Imagine a flood of amber stones cascading down an undulating stream of sterling silver and you get a sense of this beautiful pendant necklace. The pendant itself is impressively sized to make a statement that set off buy canada goose jacket by six warm honey amber stones in varying sizes. The pendant is delicately suspended Canada Goose Parka from an 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain and hangs beautifully to enhance your decollet. A Multi Color Amber Circle Pendant Necklace, is also impressively sized and features 14 amber stones in honey, congnac and olive colors. The Multicolor Amber Flower Pendant delivers a more Boho chic style and would look lovely with any of your favorite hippie chick clothes.

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Since ancient times, the beauty of Baltic amber has attracted attention, for its gorgeous look and for its purported healing properties. This amber embellished collar is reminiscent of the kinds of necklaces canada goose store worn by the likes of Cleopatra. The vivid colors of amber in this collar necklace make it a dramatic statement cheap canada goose uk piece that not for the faint persona. Be prepared for all eyes on you, wherever you wear this beauty. A screw locking clasp means no worries that you lose this pretty piece. Another dramatic Baltic amber collar features fewer colors but an equally elegant looking design. The Baltic Amber Healing Necklace incorporates a tribal design, with cascading colors, tiered from light to dark. Large and small amber beads combine in a healing necklace that is kind of a collar design, and yet not.

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In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was the daughter of Zeus, and she was proclaimed to be the most beautiful woman in the world. It would be hard not to feel absolutely gorgeous yourself, wearing this beautiful Baltic amber bib necklace. With amber harvested from the Baltic Sea, this necklace is resplendent with cabochons linked canada goose coats together in a moving mosaic of golden light, surrounded by sterling silver bezels. The unique design is gathered in back by a robust sterling silver chain and lobster claw clasp with a beautiful amber dangle to adorn the back of your neck too. The Amber Half Ball Dangle Earrings would look terrific with an up do and this necklace. For an ultra modern look, a Cherry Red Amber Necklace and Earrings Set would set off any business attire beautifully.

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canada goose clearance When you looking for an amber ring that delivers the wow factor, this exquisite Michael Valitutti ring might be it. This statement ring features a huge cushion amber, held in place by intriguing triple fingered prongs, accented by a faceted round citrine on each side. Crafted of palladium silver, with a beautifully constructed undergallery, and 18k yellow gold embraced detailing, this ring shines with a highly polished finish. The unique squared off bottom gives it a super comfortable fit. Your hand will look like it on fire wearing the Palladium Silver, Baltic Amber, Fire Opal and Orange Sapphire Ring. Its color combination is a total stunner. The Cushion Amber, Garnet and Tiger Eye Ring makes a powerful statement about the woman you are brave, bold and a risk taker. canada goose clearance

Buy the Michael Valitutti Palladium Silver Cabochon Amber Citrine Cocktail Ring here.

Canada Goose Jackets This wicked cool red amber ring is a standout for it contemporary look and gorgeous pop of color. The deep cherry red Baltic amber looks almost good enough to eat, and the sterling silver canada goose clearance sale adjustable band is highly polished and easy to create your own custom fit. A Dark Red Amber Oval Filigree Ring, gives a more traditional look with a deep cherry colored center stone. The Cherry Amber Teardrop Ring will have you shedding tears of joy as you slip it on your finger. The unusual sculpted shape of the amber is especially distinctive and stylish. If you looking for something truly big, bold and showy, the Sterling Silver Cherry Amber Square Ring has an avant garde appeal and a huge presence on the hand. Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose clearance sale Green, honey and cognac amber cabochons create a sparkle of color and shine in this beautiful cocktail ring. The highly polished sterling silver band is rounded for comfort and you can adjust it with a simple squeeze to give you a perfect fit. This ring is so affordably priced, Canada Goose Jackets yet it looks an awful lot like an expensive David Yurman canada goose design, so feel free to fib if you like. The Multicolor Amber Highway Ring features six amber hues, from green and honey to black, on a big bold ring that would be perfect on your middle finger. A Sterling Silver Multicolor Amber Inlay Ring creates a beautiful look with carved pieces of Baltic amber, carefully fitted into a diamond shaped bezel. The Multicolor Amber Twig Ring features gently swirling twigs of sterling, studded with multicolor amber cabochons. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose black friday sale Green amber offers its own kind of magic, and this big beautiful green amber ring, is a beauty. Surrounded by antiqued sterling silver grape vines and clusters, the amber itself almost looks like a giant green grape (only a lot prettier.) The leaves and vines hold the stone in place, and you be mesmerized looking at the natural inclusions that are a part of the amber DNA. A popular vintage looking green amber ring features a smaller center stone, along https://www.pick-canadagoose.com with a much lower price. The more contemporary sterling silver and green amber Canada Goose online ring features a large oval cabochon set horizontally. Celtic Canada Goose Outlet knots adorn a marquis cut green amber and sterling silver ring canada goose black friday sale.

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