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I’ve gained confidence in my physical abilities

I’ve gained confidence in my physical abilities
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How Chronic Couch Preppers Can Look Good Naked Again

Canada Goose sale In the not so distant past, mirrors were my arch enemy. I’d talk myself into believing that the shirt canada goose outlet store uk hid my love handles. The Dirt Road Girl must have used a shrinking agent in the laundry. Wait a minute! That doesn’t explain my leather belt shrinking. Hum. What’s up with that?! Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap I had become a chronic couch prepper. I was carrying 50 more pounds than my once athletic frame was intended to haul. In my delusional mind, I figured on summoning super hero strength if the time came for me to hump my 40 pound bug out bag plus an extra 50 pounds of self indulgent body fat. Pulling myself up by the bootstraps in a SHTF canada goose outlet in uk scenario or emergency situation has it’s canada goose jacket uk time and place. What do I do when merely reaching for my boot straps is exhausting? buy canada goose jacket cheap

If you’ve followed my journey any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about my canada goose outlet store near me primal/paleo lifestyle. It’s not some fad diet. It’s a lifestyle of making choices and taking your health and fitness into your own hands. I can’t imagine that preparedness minded people would not embrace this lifestyle. Going into any emergency, natural or man made, optimal health and fitness might give you the edge in survival. The people who depend on you can’t if you’re a chronic couch prepper.

Canada Goose online If you stumbled upon this site and aren into preparedness, self reliance, and resilience, but are looking for a solution to the dieting dungeon and want to experience real long haydar-furniture term health and fitness, you in the right place. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket The benefits of going primal canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Since going primal in February 2010, I’ve lost the aching joints, irritated bowel, sugar cravings, and 50 pounds. I’ve gained confidence in my physical abilities, muscle mass, increased energy levels, new appreciation for play, and a lifestyle of healthy living. An canada goose outlet location added bonus is I look good naked again Canada Goose Outlet according to Dirt Road Girl Vanity? Not really. It just goes with the territory of a primal lifestyle. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats Do canada goose outlet mall you have to follow the primal lifestyle to be physically fit? No. Following conventional wisdom on nutrition was a big fail for me and millions of Americans. I have two degrees in Health and Physical Education. In those six canada goose outlet new york years, I was schooled to follow the canada goose outlet in chicago conventional wisdom of canada goose outlet in vancouver eating mostly carbs mixed canada goose outlet london uk with a little fat and protein. Great plan if you value chronic health problems, fatigue, and dying. Following the misinformation put out by our benevolent government (corporate driven USDA food pyramid) will only help you remain a chronic couch prepper. Why would they do that? Follow the money. I’ve chosen to abandon willful ignorance and take control of my own life. Self reliance and preparedness starts within you. canada goose coats

canada goose store Flip the pyramid upside down and start over. Eat no grains, or grain based meals for one month. Hold on there pilgrim! All preppers know that storing grain in 5 gallon buckets is the way to survive TEOTWAWKI. Again, think like a hunter/gatherer. Destroy the old conventional canada goose outlet parka paradigm. I know this will offend and even anger traditional/conventional preparedness folks. I’m no expert on nutrition, I just know what worked for me. All I’m asking is that you take the challenge for one canada goose outlet winnipeg month. Break free from the conventional wisdom and give it a chance. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet What would Grok do? Short and intense is better than long and grueling. I’ve had friends join me on my work outs. They are very simple and minimalist. canada goose outlet paypal No gym membership, long hours, expensive equipment, or boring stuff. Here’s some of the ‘gym’ equipment I use. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose deals My body weight for pullups, push ups, lunges, and squats. canada goose deals

canada goose Rocks for throwing and lifting. canada goose

Fallen trees, broken into manageable pieces, are used for weighted squats and balance.

canada goose clearance sale Sledge hammer swung at old tires. I also do Shovelglove. Never heard of it. Splitting wood with a sledgehammer, wedge, and axe are great full body movement creating functional fitness. canada goose clearance canada goose vest outlet sale

Don’t discount children and grandchildren. I hoist my grandson on my shoulders (40 pounds) every time he comes over and we do our walk. Well, canada goose outlet online uk he rides and giggles. I walk.

Canada Goose Jackets 7 gallon water containers. Grab two that are full to perform killer lunge sets. I don canada goose outlet ottawa do many with that weight. Work up to heavier weight with two gallon jugs of water or canada goose outlet website legit other object with a handle. Canada Goose Jackets

Sprint as fast as you can every 7 to 10 days. This is all out effort whether you bike, run, or swim. My sprint sessions only last about 10 minutes. Long slow distance only leads to stress related injuries (chronic cardio)especially in shoes.

buy canada canada goose outlet store montreal goose jacket Tree climbing. I’m not talking about with a deer climbing stand either. Get over your domesticated workout and go wild! buy canada goose jacket

Here another wild workout I posted that you may find helpful.

Specialization is for insects. “Time to go to the gym,” my buddy moaned. He can bench press 400 pounds but can barely squeak out a pull up. In any survival situation, versatility will be the key to not becoming room temperature. If he and I were canada goose outlet store new york hiking and had to climb a tree to escape a charging wild boar, he might be out of luck. Ever watch a dog ‘exercising’ outside? He doesn’t run in a boring circles. He mixes it up with jumping, sprinting, sparing, playing, with an occasional stop to pee on bushes. Animals move without monotony. Movement is survival.

canada goose clearance Wild animals depend on their ability to move to survive. The odds of us having to sprint to the nearest tree to outrun a wild beast is small. WTSHTF it’s the two legged predators I’m worried about. Knowing we could escape a dangerous encounter is rewarding. More practically, could I carry my wife or children to safety if called upon? Our fitness level should be well rounded. We’ve got to be strong to be useful. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale Here are a few resources I recommend to get you into the wild and moving naturally. canada goose coats on sale

1) The 13 MovNat Movement Skills (Check out this site for natural movement)

If you’re wondering what moving naturally means for human beings, think of human species specific movement aptitudes. Visualize how the human animal would move in nature for his survival that is natural human movement.

‘Aren’t there more natural ways to move naturally than just running?’

cheap Canada Goose Human beings possess locomotive skills such as 1) walking, 2) running, 3) jumping, 4) balancing, 5) crawling, 6) climbing, or 7) swimming. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale In addition to locomotive skills, human beings also utilize manipulative skills such as 8) lifting, 9) carrying, 10) throwing, and 11) catching, and 12) throwing and combative skills, such as 13) striking or grappling. canada goose black friday sale

2) Mark’s Daily Apple. Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant canada goose outlet jackets health and canada goose outlet montreal boundless energy.

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