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If they Canada Goose Coats On Sale have an emotional

If they Canada Goose Coats On Sale have an emotional
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The Bigger Story Behind this Election of 2016

What is the Bigger Story?A GOP sweep of all levels of government. Yes, is that a surprise to canada goose coats you all?

canada goose coats on sale I had predicted this months ago. As a Conservative and a Cruz supporter, I rejected both candidates of Trump and Clinton and decided early to sit out this election. I voted but did not choose the top of the ticket.

Canada Goose Parka As predicted, the GOP had a sweep of the House, the cheap canada goose uk Senate and even the Presidency. Even more, local and State elections as well. I will go into some detail later.

canada goose black friday sale Why is this happening? The country is ripe for change of a different order. The last 8 years under President Obama have not succeeded and the American people instinctively and collectively knew it.

This movement did not happen overnight. It started with the canada goose factory sale 2010 election, where the House was taken over by the GOP after the passing of the ACA. In 2014 the Senate majority went to the buy canada goose jacket GOP and now in 2016, the GOP has won control of all 3 parts of government.

Those of us who has been following politics very closely are not surprised. That is why even before the primaries were over, I predicted a Republican landslide regardless of who is the nominee.

Canada Goose Jackets The Big Question is WHY?Most people are not political. https://www.alifeoutofdebt.com They live their lives canada goose store and keep to themselves and avoid controversy such as politics and religion. Come election time, most people vote based on two parts, emotions and pocketbook. If they Canada Goose Coats On Sale have an emotional connection to a candidate, that is a huge plus. The other is the economy. If the people feel that the economy is good and jobs are secure, opportunity abounds and their personal prospect for making canada goose clearance sale more money is good, they will more than likely vote canadian goose jacket to keep the same government canada goose uk outlet in power. If the opposite is true, they will vote for change.

canada goose Ultimately, the canada goose person most canada goose coats on sale responsible for the results canada goose uk black friday of this election is not Trump but President Obama. It is the progressive policies that he implemented via laws and executive orders that created the condition for a sweep by the GOP. This is my personal opinion.

canada goose clearance sale As it turned out, the best thing that happened to the GOP was the election of Barack Obama in 2008. ConservativesEver since the Reagan presidency (1980 1988), we have not had a Conservative in either party. This election was positioned as a competition between two parties (Democrats and Republicans) but it was really a competition between the insiders of Washington DC and the outsiders of government. The insiders being Clinton, and outsider Sanders on the buy canada goose jacket cheap Democratic side. On the GOP side, the insiders of Jeb Bush and Kasich and Christie and Rubio. and outsiders of Trump, Carson, Fiorina and Cruz.

cheap Canada Goose It was also about the donor class the likes of Soros, Kochs, Goldman Sachs. Some have donated huge amount to both parties to win favors. I heard estimate of $2 billion dollars for Canada Goose online the Clinton machine.

The other false narrative is that it was an election between the moderates on the Democratic side and the Conservatives on the Republican side. That is too simplistic and here is why. Most Republican insiders(Ryan and McConnell) are not Conservative. In fact, they actually attack the conservative candidates of Cruz and Carson. canada goose outlet sale And in fact, Donald Trump is not and was not a Conservative. He was a Democrat and an independent before becoming a moderate Republican recently.

Canada Goose Outlet HealingI realize this election was especially emotional for many people. Many Canada Goose Jackets are truly affected in a deep and real way. Some people have expressed that their faith was shaken to the canada goose uk shop core. Some have experienced true depression and have trouble getting out of bed.

canada goose deals How do we begin to uk canada goose outlet heal as a nation divided?

buy canada goose jacket Take some time alone to reflect

Don’t demonize the other side

Canada Goose online Start a dialog and debate issues on their merits

Agree to disagree and move on

canadian goose jacket Work for and support candidates you believe in going forward

canada goose coats Winners and LosersThe winners in this election cycle for the most part of uk canada goose the people outside of government. Wikileaks played an important role.

Canada Goose sale The big losers were the Media, the pollsters, the political pundits, Hollywood celebrities that supported Hillary, Academics in Universities and career government bureaucrats.

The revelations of Wikileaks cannot be Canada Goose Parka under estimated. It exposes corruption at all levels. They did the job of the Media which was their mandate from our Constitution. I am hoping that the media will make a comeback. I won’t hold my breath.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The 10 Commandments was RightThou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor 8th canada goose black friday sale Commandment.

Lying is one of the most damaging aspects of life. That is why we teach our children from very young to tell the truth. That is why our court system rely on truth testimony to exonerate the innocent and punish the guilty. That is why it is on the top 10 list of God.

The media including the New York Times. They recently had to issue an apology to their readers. Their biased coverage and moreover, their arrogance in their support of Hillary actually hurt the process. How? They gave their readers a false sense of confidence that Hillary was going to win. So much so that many voters did not come out in the same numbers for Obama in 2012. There were over 5 million fewer votes on the Democratic side.

SummaryA week after the election, I hope cool heads will prevail. Our Democratic Canada Goose Online process is not perfect but it is the only game in town. People who were disappointed canada goose clearance in the results should reflect and work towards the next election. What did they do wrong and how can they improve next time around?

For the people who were voted in, I for one will hold them to their words. They are expected to cheap Canada Goose deliver on their promise or risk getting voted out next time. That is how it should work. Not what one say but what one does is the ultimate measure.

canada goose store Some Related InfoRon Paul Reveals Hit List Of Alleged ‘Fake News’ Journalists: Ther’s a war Canada Goose Outlet on for your mind Canada Goose sale.

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