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If there’s a lot of audio design in it I’ll listen at normal

If there’s a lot of audio design in it I’ll listen at normal
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I also have no guilt about listening to most podcasts at 1.5 speed. Nothing can make me feel guilty about that. If there’s a lot of audio design in it I’ll listen at normal speed, but there’s no guilting me on it. Now, and this is just speculation. She chosen a prick to marry. I don know, OP, but something sounds very fishy about this.

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I feel like I retired from masking. There just kind of a bottom line that I just not into relationships enough to make the work they take worthwhile. Without all that I have no limits and I can do whatever I like without being judged. Disfellowshipping does not have to last forever. It took me 6 months of showing up at meetings in the hall that DFd me, singing the kingdom songs full voiced but leaving immediately after final prayer and acting contrite. Once I was reinstated I changed congregations, kept my relationship with my witness family and my relationship with Jehovah which was never any of their business to start with.

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