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If so, my metrics would then only account for contacts that

If so, my metrics would then only account for contacts that
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A:Hard breathing and inability to walk even short distances indicates some problem. This could be simple physical deconditioning, because she has not been exercising or exerting much, or due to lung or heart problem. Heart problems that could produce breathlessness are thickening of the heart muscle due to high blood pressure, blocks in the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle or a decrease in heart pumping.

Hermes Handbags Like1. Dislike0I had given that some thought, but if my sales reps unchecks it at the contact record after “Fixing” the issue, wouldn’t that result in it being “changed” at the campaign level as well. If so, my metrics would then only account for contacts that have not had the address validated yet, not all of the ones that we actually received returned mail. Hermes Handbags

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