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I read a theory canada goose factory sale on Reddit that Bran

I read a theory canada goose factory sale on Reddit that Bran
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canada goose clearance Spoilers Extended REACTIONS

canada goose deals Production: (Extended) NEXT season actor/filmmaker interviews that contain spoilers unofficial NEXT season info/images/video not canada goose clearance sale released by HBOInfinite: Modposted Leak Quarantine Threads allowing for discussion of all rumors, spoilers, leaks, etc out there on the web. (No Linking. No Piracy. No “PM Me.”)One thing that bothers me about the show and a ton of the comments on these subs is that people say that Rhaegar put Elia aside (or have Gillie ask what “anaalmint” is), making him out cheap Canada Goose to be this cruel and horrible person. The Targaryens practiced incestual polygamy for centuries. Why wouldn Rhaegar just have two wives, especially if one had become infertile after their first two children? It wasn seen as shameful for the royal family to have sister wives, and the little blip of Elia that we see in the House of the Undying vision makes her seem amenable to helping Rhaegar complete the prophesy.Dany https://www.uscanadagooseoutletsale.com states that her dragons are “like her children.” One of the worst nightmares parents canada goose uk outlet can ever have is a death of their child. In her case, its like watching your child get shot and killed in front of your eyes. I surprised that she isn mortified and absolutely traumatized by that event, and that she isn holed up in her room staring at the wall completely filled with agony and some sort of regret. Now people defend this saying that she cried and grieved it off for a couple of hours. But something so traumatizing like that should take at Canada Goose Jackets least a week or a couple of days to even sort of recover. But instead she waiting by the wall for her hot crush to possibly come back.Just wtf?? Seriously, anyone else in Canada Goose Outlet her position realistically would be too devastated to think of Jon snow, especially if her “child” was brutally speared to death. I grieve and worry more for my dead child rather than anxiously hope a love interest that I barely knew for some weeks canada goose black friday sale is somehow alive. buy canada goose jacket cheap I mean yeah there some thought for that, but it only been hours since your child died. Books that took time to write, tomorrow verify their self coherence. Even if they discussed the main thread with grrm, the show runners were alone canada goose clearance to fill the dialogues, to fill the minors lines and give a sense of intrigue, starting from season 6. This results in a poor dialogues, poor intrigue, predictable events rushed because they can fill it with interesting dialogues. Even Tyrion or the spider are now boring secondary players nobody listens to. I could swear this series was famous for its brutal killing of popular characters. Since catlyn what truly shocking/impactful deaths have uk canada goose we had?). In other words these people had no idea how to advance the story without any book cheap canada goose uk guidance, and have completely wiffed.Beric and Thoros have the flaming swords, and canada goose store Jon has the Valyrian steel sword Longclaw, so no need there.Both Jorah and the Hound are excellent swordsmen. So why is Jorah using two daggers, and the Hound discards Gendry hammer and pulls a hatchet? canada goose uk shop Because those are simple weapons to make from sharpened rocks. Look at Tormund primitive looking axe. I think that dragonglass. The nameless wildling spears are dragonglass tipped. You can see further evidence of this when the wight that the Hound bashes with the hammer Canada Goose Coats On Sale gets back up, and the bear shrugs off his original sword blow. But the bear just fucking uk canada goose outlet drops when Jorah stabs it buy canada goose jacket with his little dagger, and most of the wights seem to be going down for the count once they all switch to dragonglass weapons on the island. I shouldn have to work out flight times of Ravens to tell that time has passed. I shouldn have to assume that Bran summoned Benjen, because we haven Canada Goose Online seen anything that suggests that. canada goose The White Walkers ambush is bad wiring because, unless they impervious to dragon fire, standing out in the open is bad ambush planning. I don know what to make of Arya giving Sansa the blade at the end of their little canadian goose jacket talk. Is it to show she trusts her? Is it a subtle test to see if Sansa is stupid enough to try and stab her as she walks away? It hard to figure out for sure and the conflict seems a bit forced. To be fair, Arya is still pretty out of sorts and a different person than she was prior to “officially” becoming faceless. I still okay with waiting to see how all of it pans out. It could pan out as good writing in totality if played well, or it could end up being some silly manufactured drama. I Canada Goose Parka heard it took about 5 days total, the show made it look canada goose coats like 12 hours.Inconsistent Characterization of both Tyrion and Jon. The Tyrion I know from GoT would have never even bothered trying to convince Cersei to fight together. He knows how selfish and ruthless she is. Trying to bring a walker to her seems like a giant waste of valuable screen time. Jon then going along with the plan and not only acting it out, but approaching the dead in a “no holds barred” fashion. I pictured this episode being more Canada Goose online of a covert mission, trying to silently pick off a walker. Instead they go to the heart of the army, risking everyone lives?Plot armor was too thick this episode. uscanadagooseoutletsale.com Even canada goose uk black friday though Dany had never seen these dead before, she had to have known to direct her dragons to target the generals who were standing alone on elevated platforms. Instead she goes for all the underlings. I thought this was a half assed attempt at keeping this arc going. Anyone else in this position would have slaughtered the leaders from the start. The old GoT I know would have killed Tormund, not have The Hound save him last minute.Arya. Like. What the actual fuck? I hope they planning something with her, like trying to take control of the Vael Canada Goose sale army and kill Littlefinger. Otherwise I have zero idea where her character is going. The badass that was training in Bravos seems to have been swapped with a General Hospital character.Benjin outta nowhere. I read a theory canada goose factory sale on Reddit that Bran directed Benjin to go save Jon, and if that the case, then I can live with that, but seeing canada goose coats on sale how inconsistent the writing has been this season, I not sure that gonna be the case. Having Benjin say “There no time” when there absolutely was, absolutely cringeworthy. Half assed attempt at wrapping up a character storyline.

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