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He said to him: This is a sacrifice for my father

He said to him: This is a sacrifice for my father
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When he reached the king, he took the hundred dinars and threw them into the king’s lap. He said to him: This is a sacrifice for my father. The king said to the boy, “This is your father.” The boy said, “Yes,” and the king said, “Yes, the son and the father’s father.” The boy said, “Do not say so, Yes father and bad grandfather, my father my literature, but my grandfather was not polite The king said to the child: We have forgiven your father in honor of you..

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The error in the biography is also requested when re-printing the biography books correct this error and clarify the matter at the site of the victory of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family and hope that in such research, an incentive for young Muslims to read the biography and not left to teach the colonists – this is exactly what we say And believe, a man in the age of fifty-three can not marry a nine-year-old girl, so how is a prophet? The Nation and the Leader of a Young Journalist Corrects the Imams of Media A Thousand Mistakes by Jamal Al Banna

I want to publish this article An example of what a young journalist who did not enter Al-Azhar, Of the people of
the researcher found himself a diet to defend the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family, perhaps it did not exist in
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