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He also mentioned that a recently returned deputy will be

He also mentioned that a recently returned deputy will be
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Just coming to the end of two weeks cruising around the
Provisions –
Big shop at Riteway in Road Town – They had everything we need for two weeks,
Leverick Bay shop very well stocked,
Riteway in Spanish Town not so good,
Nanny Cay also well stocked for a top up Some provisions available in
Water – Manuel Reef, Spanish Town, Nanny
Fuel – Nanny Cay and Spanish
Restaurants- Most are back up and running and most take cards except a few (Leverick Bay and Potters by the sea). Omars in Sopers Hole is just perfect for
Marinas – Most are not good for overnight stop, except Leverick Sopers Hole has plenty of Mooring Bouys, Omars is open and so is Upstairs at Pussers landing – but do not park your dinghy in front of
Anegada was just Jost Van Dyke – Soggy dollar, Hendos hideout and Foxys were Bubbly pool is reachable, but less pretty than Virgin gorda – Baths excellent, Leverick Bay great entertainment and Stay at Leverick and Taxi to the Baths with
Still a great place and srill very much worth coming to now.

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