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And in the clinical studies, the population studies, we see

And in the clinical studies, the population studies, we see
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Does methamphetamine use increase your risk of developing Parkinson

cheap Air max shoes Methamphetamine (often called ‘ice’ or ‘speed’) has been used by one in 70 Australians in the past year, according to data from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey from 2016. cheap Air jordans for cheap price max shoes

cheap jordans for sale But the stimulant is also used as a treatment for disorders such as ADHD. Ice is a particularly nasty drug causing chaotic destructive behaviour as well cheap jordans size 13 as addiction. And if that wasn’t enough, a review of the scientific literature has found a moderate risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Welcome back to the Health Report Julia. cheap jordans for sale

cheap air jordan Julia Lappin: Thanks cheap jordan retro 11 very much Norman. cheap air jordan

cheap jordans shoes Norman Swan: So why real jordans for sale online cheap would you think that methamphetamine causes Parkinson’s disease? cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordans from cheap nike air jordan shoes china Julia Lappin: Well, that’s a good question, Norman, and it all comes down to the biological plausibility of the link between methamphetamine, which is metabolised in the body to amphetamine and Parkinson’s disease. So Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative cheap jordans paypal accepted disorder cheapest air jordan shoes online which is caused by a depletion or loss of dopaminergic neurones in the brain. cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans in china Norman Swan: So these are nerve cells that produce a chemical called dopamine cheap jordans australia which does all sorts of things to our mood and perception and so on. cheap jordans in cheap air jordan shoes for sale china

cheap jordans on sale Julia Lappin: That’s exactly right cheap jordans 20 dollars to Norman, So these are cells in the brain cheap jordans on sale

cheap air force Norman Swan: And it affects movement as well because Parkinson’s causes rigidity, shake, tremor and even a bit of dementia. cheap air force

cheap jordans sale Julia Lappin: That’s right, and Parkinson’s is typically a disorder of cheap jordans 12 the elderly. It’s rare before the age of 50, and much more common after age 60 cheap kid jordans for sale and thereafter. The link with methamphetamine is that methamphetamine is known to cause damage to dopaminergic nerve cells cheap air force , so these dopamine producing cells in the brain mzbredshoes , cheap authentic jordans for sale online and that’s why we think methamphetamine may give rise to Parkinson’s because Parkinson’s onsets with the motor features you describe tremor and rigidity when there is substantial loss of dopamine cells in cheap real air jordans a particular part cheap retro jordans of the brain, the deep nuclei. cheap jordans sale

Norman Swan: So in other words, they are very effect of methamphetamine on the brain, it’s almost like squeezing these nerve cells to death to get the dopamine out of them.

cheap jordans free shipping Julia Lappin: That’s right, and we know that in the short term methamphetamine users show disorder in their dopamine cells. We also think that over time if you continue to use, that some cheap jordans $40 of that damage to dopamine cells may be irreversible, and that’s where the link with Parkinson’s comes in. cheap jordans free shipping

Norman Swan: So you’ve surveyed the world literature to see whether there was solid evidence of this. What did you find?

Cheap jordans Julia Lappin: That’s right Norman. So we looked at two types of evidence. We looked at what’s called pre clinical evidence jordan retro 5 cheap Cheap jordans

cheap jordans online Norman Swan: So is this in animals? cheap jordans online

cheap yeezys Julia Lappin: Exactly, things that had done in the lab or in animals, and then we also looked at clinical evidence from population studies in general populations and people who use methamphetamine and other cheap jordans and nikes wholesale stimulants like amphetamine. And what we found was that there is evidence from the cell animal studies that there is damage, as I’ve said, to the dopamine cells caused by methamphetamine. And in the clinical studies, the population studies, we see that there is an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease in methamphetamine’s users. Not only are they approximately three times more likely than the general population to develop Parkinson’s, but they are also more likely to develop it earlier. cheap yeezys

cheap nike shoes Norman Swan: And is it dose related; the more use, the higher the risk? cheap nike shoes

cheap jordan sneakers Julia Lappin: Well, that’s a great question Norman, because in fact there is many things that we don’t know about this association. We don’t where can i buy cheap jordans online know what the individual characteristics of the methamphetamine users that predispose people to develop Parkinson’s may be cheap jordan sneakers

cheap adidas Norman Swan: So in other words what you’re saying is it could be that the person who uses methamphetamine is at risk of Parkinson’s or greater risk for some odd genetic reason. cheap adidas

cheap jordans china Julia Lappin: Exactly. So cheap authentic retro jordans websites we know in the general population that that’s true. Some Parkinson’s is genetically mediated. For many people there’s not a well known cause. The same is likely to be true in methamphetamine users and it may be, it makes sense, that if someone already has a vulnerability to the development of Parkinson’s cheap jordans china.

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