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Activity 3 Finalists of the final 10 finalists

Activity 3 Finalists of the final 10 finalists
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Floyd Britton Morrison (1937-1968). Student leader, revolutionary and political activist
Floyd Britton Morrison was born in the city of Coln on April 21st. He met the leaders Polidoro Pinzn, normalista, and Narciso Chicho Cubas, who was studying at the Mechanical Institute in February 1959 initiated, together with lvaro Menndez Franco, the civic movement that ended with the expulsion of the dishonest councilors who misappropriated the funds On January 9, 1964, Floyd Britton was one of the most inflamed fighters in the clashes of Panamanian students against the troops Americans, and actively participated in the National Congress for the Defense of Sovereignty, and in the Congress of Youth in Defense of Sovereignty It was separated in 1964 from the People’s Party, by the open revisionist position of that body, and with comrades from The youth of the Suffered arrest during the strike of the teachers and teachers of the parents and the wife of Floyd Britton made formal It is for their remains to be delivered, but Federico Britton never considers that the military feared the mettle of Floyd Britton and his movement, which ultimately rose up in arms against them.

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