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(23) Turari Eyonu (Perfume used to repel disturbances

<br><br>(23) Turari Eyonu (Perfume used to repel disturbances
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1). Asina (Opens your way to prosperity removes spiritual hindrance/ blockage).

(2) Afaro ( crowd puller for business owners, Churches, Amusement facilities, etc)

(3) Omo wiwa (for those who desire to have a child)

(4) Arobi ( back to sender )

(5) Atude ( release from bondage )

(6) Agadango (Padlock charm to lock up and unlock anything undesirable)

(7) Aseta ( destroy your enemy)

(11) Ero owo moto ( to escape from car accident unscathed)

(12) Atude Ewon (enables release from spiritual prison)

(14) Ero Asasi (Antidote to curses)

(15) Iferan (to be loved by everyone, known and unknown)

(16). Isoye (easy memory recall, great also for students, Alzheimer’s patients, etc)

(17) Ere Ink (examination ink for pens, a student best pal).

(18) Afako (Penis enlargement)

(19) Atosi (stubborn gonorrhea/ STD )

(20) Ere Akasifu ( exam hanfkerchief used to wipe the face and reveals the answers to questions to you )

(21) Isiju (A hypnotic charm that makes one believe and see only what they are told), a stark of papers may be seen as a stark of money, etc).

(22) Awarida (used to inflict unceasing menstruation).

(23) Turari Eyonu (Perfume used to repel disturbances of witches and people) https://www.7starreplicahandbags.com .

(24) Isora (Secures and protects against all ills)

(25) Asiri Bibo (protects one’s secret and induces wealth).

(26) Oogun Awon Obinrin (makes a man irresistible to women and attracts them like bee and honey, particularly the rich ones).

(28) Afunje (A love potion administered intothe meal of a person you love or desire and unfailingly the person must love you unconditionally thereafter)

(29) warapa ka fi ja (To Inflict one with Epilepsy )

(30) Amubo (To make one fail in all ventures)

(32) Owo ara moto tabi ile oko (If this charm is in a car, it will have no accident and the car cannot be stolen; if in a building, a thief will not venture there,
(34) ise gbigba (enables you to be awarded job contracts by the government, companies, etc)

(35) Idani lare Ejo (enables court case exoneration, success/ victory).

(36) Etutu Awon Agba (appeasement offer to witches and soliciting their aid to fight your battle).

(37) Awure okunrin (For women desiring to have a rich man for keeps).

(38) Awure Obinrin (for men desiring to have a rich man for keeps).

(40) Tiro ti afi nko owo (A charm prepared and applied on the eyelashes to attract wealth).

(41) Oogun Itaja tale fi fo nta feta tabi ayika ibi tati
(44) Iriran
The gift of inner sight, clairvoyance, see and know what the ordinary eye can’t see, inner vision, that which is hidden, It is simply
(46) ijo aworo (enables a church, ministry, and the like to have a lot of members).

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